Gas Pump Hack (How to save money at the gaspump)

So for the 15 years I've been driving all over the UK, USA and a number of other countries, I never realized that gas pumps actually have 2 modes: 

The first, known as 'fast pumping' (as my mexican friend informs me) is the traditional when you pull the lever all the way to the top, lock the clip in and it dispenses until you reach the desired amount. Here it pumps gas faster, but you actually get less gas as it forces much more air in during the process.

The second, known as 'slow pumping' where you only lift the lever half way to the top, some clips allow for this. Essentially the gas pumps slower, but you actually get more gas as less air is being pumped. 

I'm currently experimenting with this to see how much difference in gas this makes, feel free to share your results. If you would like me to share more #lifehacks be sure to subscribe below so I can keep you in the loop.

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