IoT #Smartcity #ConnectYourCity #Hackathon #SanFrancisco

IoT #Smartcity #ConnectYourCity #Hackathon #SanFrancisco

This weekend, the City of San Francisco hosted it's first #IoT Hackathon sponsored by Texas Instruments, SigFox, Accenture and Microsoft at the Innovation Hanger

Teams collaborated on projects focused around the opportunities in the Internet of Things technology field. Teams explored ideas in the following categories: 

Utilities: Water, rainfall, leaks, methane, air quality, gas, waste/trash, smart meters/electric.

Transportation: Parking sensor, bike tracker, traffic/congestion, public transportation, security, speed.

City Services: Tracking assets, capacity, count people, indoor navigation, airport

Infrastructure: Bridges, Man-holes, Seismic, lane tracking, lighting

New Innovation: Polling, wildlife, Tree Health, Moisture, Health monitoring, tracking, education.

As this was my first #IoT Hackathon, I decided to #Hack together a smoke detector using low power specifically for #TinyHackerHouse. The #Hack detected smoke and sent an email notification to the city to report possible fire in the event that it was unattended. I used Texas Instruments Launchpad along with their MSP430 board and SigFox infrastructure.

The event was a great experience connecting with SF Hackers and doing what hackers do best..solving the worlds problems. Looking forward to the next one.


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Hackaday - World Create Day $300,000 Cash prizes for ideas that change the world.

Hackaday - World Create Day $300,000 Cash prizes for ideas that change the world.

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