It gives me great pleasure to share the one of the most exciting stories in #OrangeCounty and welcome our very own newest #OCHackerz startup Team #SnapJet.

2 brothers from New York who moved to #OC and literally built the world's first slim, portable, open-source instant film printer company in their bathroom have now successfully raised $210,449 in their Kickstarter campaign.  

Check out their Kickstarter Video below:

So what is SnapJet? SnapJet is a portable printer for your smartphone. It scans your screen, and prints out a high resolution color image on Instax Mini or Polaroid 300PIF film. SnapJet lets you print on instant film like never before. In addition to regular photos, you can print out anything from beautiful artwork to crisp, sharp text. 

You can learn more about their campaign at

and pre-order a SnapJet printer at

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