OCHackerz #OpenHack Hackathon - Marshmallow challenge

During the first part of the hackathon, my friend Danni Nguyen and I presented the Ice-Breaker challenge. Each team was given an arms length of tape, arms length of string, some pasta and a marshmallow. The objective of this challenge was to build a structure using the materials provided to support the marshmallow. The team that raised the marshmallow the highest distance wins, in this case team 3.

The objective of this exercise is to learn and understand how to work in a team. It forces teams to collaborate in a pressured competitive environment to quickly understand each others strengths and weaknesses and manage your time effectively. 

One of my observations here that planning to far in advance isn't the best strategy.


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OCHackerz #OpenHack Hackathon March 2014 #Eureka Building, Irvine, CA

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