Organizing a camping experience during SXSW in Austin

Unfortunately Startupbus was a 1 way trip and brought us to Austin, TX, but it was on us to figure out our return trip. With less than $200 in my account and the fact that most hotels and airbnb were all charging $100+ per night during the festival, I had to get really creative about how to survive out of state for another week. 

I put a call out to my networks and connected with a friend of mine John Alexander who was piloting a camping experience for musicians that were stranded unable to get last minute accommodation. 

During our discussion we talked about Startupbus and the journey to Austin and our new startup which we just launched. He kindly offered me a place to stay for the duration of my trip in exchange for helping to organize activities to and promote RVSherpa, his new RV Camping experience startup. 

I immediately jumped at the opportunity as I'm a big fan of camping and we bartered services. I made a stopmotion video, hung posters up around the town and had the pleasure of hanging out with many of the musicians and campers that stayed with us., we had breakfast together, sat round a fire in the evening and shared stories and made daily trips into town thanks to our friends at Amala foundation that were kind enough to lend us their bus. Love it when a plan comes together! 


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