Introducing Project TinyHouse

As a Hackathon and Makerfaire evangelist I spent the last 5 years as a volunteer advocating at the forefront of these two movements. Working in these two areas has really been fundamental to rediscovering many of my old passions of designing and building things End to End rather than specific components. 

This entire year, I've been trying to figure out what should be the theme of our next hackathon, something that can leverage the community I've built and really allow us as a team to collaborate and work through all kinds of challenges together strengthening our relationships on a whole new level. How do we explore and apply design thinking into a real world challenge?

As a Maker and huge fan of the outdoors, 2 weeks ago I pitched the idea of building TinyHouse project to see if there was any interest. A couple of members Brad and Ryan jumped on board and it's been really exciting brainstorming and discussing ideas back and forth about all the intricate details.

So we're putting together a crowdfunding campaign to support this effort and I hope we'll get some solid support for this project as we will be sharing our knowledge and experience to change the world in so many ways, this is just the beginning of something truly amazing. 

We're actively looking for any assistance preparing our campaign, whether it be funds or skills. Please reach out using this link Thanks!

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Initial Design concept for TinyHouse

Nasa International Space Apps Challenge