TinyHackerHouse to launch at #SXSW #2018, 10 - 11 March outside Palmer Events Center, Austin, TX

TinyHackerHouse to launch at #SXSW #2018, 10 - 11 March outside Palmer Events Center, Austin, TX


SXSW #2018 attracts millions of people from around the world. A conference by day and festival by night. One of the most diverse events you can participate in. This 9 - 18 March in Austin, Texas. 

This years themes include: #Music #Film #Interactive #Edu #Cities Summit #Wellness Expo #Trade show #Job Market #Gaming Expo a handful of experiences to expect. 

It truly is at the center of creativity and a huge opportunity for anyone who dares to engage in the 9 day 'March Madness' experience..

This year i'm designing and building a physical structure to celebrate the marriage of 3 movements :

The Hacker movement (Open-Source software and Hardware),

The Maker movement (3d Modeling and Advanced Manufacturing) 

The TinyHouse movement (Affordable Housing, anti-consumerism and the idea that less overheads = more freedom and travel) 

Behind all these movements are communities of creative artisans and changemakers at the forefront of the 4th industrial revolution. Equipped with skills to address tomorrows challenges.

This structure represents phase 1 of the DIY TinyHackerHouse. I will be hosting a Createathon in the future inviting my Hacker/Maker community to evolve this project as part of an advocacy campaign to promote innovative solutions in affordable housing and address homelessness. 

The project will be located under the canopy outside the entrance of Palmer Events Center. 10 - 11 March 2018. 

The dimensions are 16" x 8" x 13" (Length x Width x Height)


If you have a project or idea you would like to integrate into our exhibit, please email tinyhackerhouse@gmail.com Subject: SXSW Exhibit Project

#3dprinting #lasercutting #CNC #smarthome #automation type projects and possibly a murial would be a good fit. #FuturistHouse theme.

Come join us meet our community and support the movement this March 2018 www.sxsw.com

You can also obtain a guest pass at guestpass.sxsw.com

See you there!




10ft 3dPrinter for large scale 3dprinting

10ft 3dPrinter for large scale 3dprinting