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Built local sponsorships and partnerships through entrepreneur events introducing local startup community to Elance SAAS platform

A Race To Success took place on June 19, 2014 in Irvine, CA. 

Elance partnered with Southern California's fastest growing angel investor organization, Private Capital Network (PCN), UPS and SendGrid to bring a fast-paced and fun-filled A Race To Success.

It's where ten lucky startups were invited to K1 Speed, where they raced go-karts alongside prominent angel investors and reps from OC incubators, accelerators & co-working spaces. The winning startup got to pitch to influential PCN members, win $1000 of Elance credits and ultimate bragging rights!

Click Here to see the video.

Bartering system for small business through

Bringing back the Bartering System with Small Business with limited budgets can now exchange services with other local businesses in the area to provide value and build community.

My role on our 4 person team was to create a simple explainer video to help communicate our project to a larger audience and can also be used for marketing a future campaign.

This was my first time working with illustrators and writing a script to produce this video working under extreme time constraints. 

Startup Weekend - 912 Alerts Mobile App for emergency response

At my first Startup Weekend event, I designed an emergency response app and worked with my team of developers to demo our prototype. It allowed any user to report their GPS location and alert family members at the touch of a button. 

I decided to call it 912 Alerts. Because it's 1 step ahead of 911 given that we provide 2 critical pieces of information requested whenever someone reports an emergency. 

3D Model Design of Concept #Wearable Device

A 3D model to house the SiliconLabs Pulse Sensor designed for the wrist.

SiLabs launched the BTLE sensor puck v2.0, I used it to prototype a music recommendation engine based on your heart-rate using Spotify API.

When your heartrate is high, it recommends upbeat music, when it's low, it recommends calm soothing music and visa versa. 

Bitcoin Hackathon

Through 6 years of Hacking and producing Hackathon events, We will be hosting Hackathons throughout the year for teams to collaborate and innovate.

This is the first ever Bitcoin Hackathon in 2015, Austin TX, We worked on a Bitcoin rideshare service.