#TinyDomeHouses in #TinyHackerHouse at #TinyHouseJam #Austin #2018

#TinyDomeHouses in #TinyHackerHouse at #TinyHouseJam #Austin #2018

4 years ago when I first moved to Austin, I had a vision to build a futurist community live/work event space for Hackers and Makers to collaborate on the worlds most pressing challenges.

2 years after moving here, I learned about the @TinyhouseJamboree show and after attending it last year in Arlington, TX, I knew we had to bring this to the Austin community. Here's the 360 Virtual tour of @TinyHouseJamboree #2017

Special thanks to Jon Fontane at Reed Expo, for making the decision to bring the show to Austin, TX. My mission for the 2018 event was to marry 3 movements together, Hackers, Makers and TinyHouses. Fusing the skills of these 3 movements, we expressed our vision for the possibilities a futurist DIY community could include..

But how would we execute this at the event? 

How about building a giant Geodesic dome using a CNC machine? aka project TinyDomeHouses, How about some 3dprinted vases with plants and some miniatures with succulents? or a table with 3dprinted tentacles, another with 3dprinted insect legs? and a 3dprinter demo printing new parts? These are some of the projects we showcased at the event.


But what would a futurist community be without the latest technology to assist humans?. So in addition we brought 2 of our newest additions to demo at the party Loomo and URB-E.

20180824_124922 copy.jpg

Loomo is an AI powered Segway with smooth ride, auto-follow, obstacle-avoidance, playful personality & much more.

URB-E is a light weight foldable electric vehicle and mobile power source. 

We have been extremely fortunate to be early adopters of these technologies and the first in Austin, TX and exploring more hack projects for Loomo and URB-E. Let us know if you have any cool ideas and stay tuned for updates in the near future.

Also during the show, I organized a community discussion under the topic 'Innovation in Construction' and invited my team Dan Vogler from TinyDomeHomes and Marshall Peck from Protobuilds to talk about what we learned in the design process through our iterations of building and assembling the TinyDomeHome project. I'll upload the video soon once it's been edited..

In celebration of merging the Hacker, Maker, TinyHouse movement, I joined Tom Brown, he created the Tiniest 'real' kitchen i've ever seen along with all the custom mini prep tools. We made Churros and spent some time #feedingthemasses with #tinyfood. Watch the video below to see it in action.


For the past 2 years i've been experimenting with the Samsung 360 VR camera. Capturing photo and video shots, editing content and refining presents it's own challenges and limitations, but here's some shots of the DIY Makers, skoolies and other vendors at the event. Let me know your thoughts. 



If you have a 3dprinting, CNC project you would like assistance with or would like to hire me for 360 Photo/Videography needs, please send project details to tinyhackerhouse@gmail.com

If your interested in purchasing a TinyDomeHome, please email cxd@tinydomehouses.com

Stay tuned for more updates soon.



TinyHackerHouse Design Challenge 3.0 workshop engages 19 diverse #designers to collaborate on a campaign during @AustinDesignWeek 2018

TinyHackerHouse Design Challenge 3.0 workshop engages 19 diverse #designers to collaborate on a campaign during @AustinDesignWeek 2018

TinyHackerHouse team builds first geodesic dome.

TinyHackerHouse team builds first geodesic dome.