A 1 acre live/work community space in Austin, TX will be used to host Hackathons, Makerfaires and explore technologies that change the world.

The goal of this project is to introduce new skills such as 3D Printing and Advanced Manufacturing into the workforce. 
The first ever TinyHouse built by Hackers and Makers, we plan to integrate the following: 

- A Tesla Power wall, 
- Solar Technology
- Open Source Hardware
- IoT
- Smart Aquaponics unit for growing Fruit and Vegetables

Allowing for a completely Autonomous 'Off the Grid' Sustainable living environment for my Hacker and Maker friends. 

Later we would like to hold workshops educating students and low income families on how to build an affordable living space for themselves. 

We will build 25 houses in 5 countries in the next 5 years and create micro communities of innovators.. Welcome to the Hacker Nomad Revolution. 

If you have a technology that would be a good fit for this project, please let us know, Currently looking for collaborators.