Scope of Project TinyHackerHouse

Project TinyHackerHouse is a self sustaining micro house which allows for the freedom of living a life completely off the grid anywhere. This includes a micro organic farm for growing fruit and vegetables, a tesla powerwall solar technology infrastructure and multi configuration room for different situations. But most importantly the ability to live a life allowing the freedom of living, traveling and working remote.

This is a house built by the community, for the community. It engages an existing network of Hackers and Makers into the entire process of building a TinyHome.

The winner will receive an opportunity stay in TinyHackerHouse at the next HackingEdu Hackathon in 2016 and be part of the core team as the project evolves.

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If your interested in the Amazon gift card competition, please complete this form and I will be in touch once I have selected a winner.

$50 goes to Best hack idea

$100 goes to best hacked prototype.

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Initial Design concept for TinyHouse